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Water repellent impregnation with the wet stone effect Aquaprok-3

Product description

Water repellent impregnation with the wet stone effect Aquaprok-3


Aquaprok-3 is a decorating properties water-repellent impregnation for building materials surfaces processing (natural stones, concrete, etc.).

Aquaprok-3 is a product of hydrolysis and polycondensation of polyesters orthosilicic acid.


Hydrophobic impregnation agent Aquaprok-3 is suitable for the protective treatment of the next materials:

  • natural stone,
  • marble,
  • brick,
  • concrete (concrete products),
  • paving slabs,
  • foam concrete,
  • shellfish,
  • limestone,
  • roof tiles,
  • plaster (plastered surfaces),
  • asbestos cement (slate),
  • gypsum products,
  • and other porous materials.

Applied for treatment of new surfaces in order to preserve their attractive appearance.  

Aquaprok-3 imparts wet stone effect.

During restoration works water-repellent impregnation Aquaprok-3 is used for fastening, preservation and conservation of loose weathered low binders content materials (bricks, natural stones).

Due to the weathered zone processing Aquaprok-3, the stone is restored the original strength, the color of the stone becomes deeper and more saturated, while the effect of a "wet stone" is also created.


  • Hydrophobic agent Aquaprok-3 creates a strong silicone organic film.
  • It dissolves in organic solvents.
  • Stone impregnation agent Aquaprok-3 has very good binding and fastening properties.
  • Provides preservation of the attractive appearance of new products and surfaces.
  • Strengthens friable weathered surface.
  • Restores the building materials original strength during the restoration works.
  • Creates the "wet stone" effect.
  • Imparts a deeper and more saturated color to stone.
  • Emphasizes the stone structure, which becomes more lively and enlightened.
  • Restores the construction materials base at the molecular level.
  • Penetrates deep into the material.
  • Keeps the constructing materials natural properties - vapor permeability and porosity.
  • Prevents the penetration of water, grease, oil and other contaminants into the materials structure.
  • Increases the strength, wear resistance and durability of the treated constructing materials.
  • The impregnating composition is ready to use.
  • Indispensable in the restoration work to secure friable weathered natural stone with low content of a binder.
  • Ensures long preservation of protective properties.
  • Depending on order, Aquaprok-3 is produces with a glossy or matte effect.

Application methods

The water-repellent agent Aquaprok-3 is ready to use.

The impregnation is used for the treatment of a perfectly dry and clean stone. Moisture, dirt or dust can affect the result, in particular the uniformity of the treated surface. Use as much liquid as the stone can absorb under normal conditions. Treat in dry weather, when the temperature of treated surface is in the range of +5°C to +30°C. Do not perform work during the rain, wait the texture layer is dried. Protect treated surface from precipitation until water-repellent agent is dried (about 24 hours at +20°C).

Coating: Apply on dry surface until the termination of absorption. Do not allow flowing and leaving drops. 

Application methods: wall brush, roller or spraying. 

The consumption of the agent depends on the porosity of the treated material and it averages 120 ml per 1 m2 of natural stone.


Store at temperature from -40°C to +30°C in tightly closed and labeled original container only. Keep container in cool, dry, well-ventilated place away from heat, fire danger places, oxidizers, strong acids, alkalis and other inorganic chemicals. Protect from moisture and direct sunlight.

The guaranteed shelf life in original container is 3 months.

Storage over the date specified on the label does not necessarily mean the product is unusable. In case if store more, please, check the properties of product before use.


  • Polymer containers with a capacity of 25 l.
  • Polymer drums with a capacity of 50 l.
  • Polymer drums with a capacity of 200 l.
  • Polymer drums with a capacity of 220 l.
  • Special polymer containers (IBC containers) up to 1 м3.

Safety information

Keep away from fire! The product is a combustible fire-hazardous material, it irritates the skin and mucous membranes. Observe fire safety rules when working. It is recommended to use protective cloth, gloves and glasses or face protection means. Spraying is carried out from the windward side. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. In case of contact with skin or eyes rinse with a plenty of water and seek medical care. Keep away a food.

Detailed instructions are given in the relevant product safety data sheet. It can be provided upon request.

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Physical and chemical properties

Parameter name and measure unitStandard

Transparent or opalescent liquid

Mass fraction of hydrogen chloride, %, max0,07
Kinematic viscosity at (+20±0,5)°C, cSt2,2 – 3,6
Gelling time, minutes,  max30
Density (+20±0,5)°C, g/cm30,895 – 0,920
Mass fraction of SiO2, %17,0 – 21,0
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