Silicone emulsions

Silicone emulsions for hydrophobic treatment, dust removal, additives for paints and varnishes.

Silicone emulsions for water-repellent and dedusting treatment of building materials, fiber-glass & basalt insulation materials. Release agents (antiadhesive).

Oil-silicone emulsion MSE-50/43

Product description

Oil-silicone emulsion MSE-50/43


Emulsion MSE-50/43 is a solvent free aqueous emulsion of oligodimethylhydrosiloxan and of mineral oil.

It is intended for dedusting and additional water-repellent treatment during manufacturing of various materials, including fiberglass and mineral wool products, treated by phenol-formaldehyde resin.



Oil-silicone emulsion MSE-50/43 is used in conjunction with a binder in the production of insulating materials:

  • production of mineral wool (basalt wool or stone wool) and derivative products - plates, insulations, acoustic panels, etc.
  • manufacture of glass wool and derivative products.

Oil-silicone emulsion MSE-50/43 addition to phenol-formaldehyde binder composition:

  • provides the binding of dust generated during the destruction of silicate fibers as a result of mechanical stresses (when cutting mats),
  • provides a friction decreasing between the fibers in the material (improves organoleptic characteristics),
  • imparts the materials a hydrophobic effect, that is, prevents moisture from entering the material, which significantly impairs the heat-insulating characteristics of the material and contributes to its destruction.
  • performs the function of fiber plasticizer, thereby reducing the fragility of the fibers in the finished product (mineral wool boards, glass wool, panels, etc.) 


The addition of oil-silicone emulsion MSE-50/43 to the binder composition for the production of mineral wool improves the properties of the finished products:

  • Prevents the formation of fine dust during the production of mineral wool (mineral wool carpet), fiberglass, and during subsequent processing of finished products - rolling the carpet, cutting mats made of fiberglass, mineral wool.
  • The addition of oil-silicone emulsion reduces the water absorption of mineral wool insulation (glass wool, stone wool, basalt wool).
  • Increases the insulation boards elasticity, minimizes fiber fragility.
  • Increases the flexibility of the finished product, facilitates rolls folding.
  • Improves gas and vapor permeability of materials.
  • Accelerates and facilitates the installation of processed materials.
  • Reduces the harmful effects of dust on the human in the process of contact with mineral wool.
  • Reduces friction between fibers in the material (improved organoleptic characteristics).
  • The components of the binder (resin, ammonium salts, aminosilanes, etc.) do not have a destructive effect on the emulsion.
  • High flash points reduce smoke and the risk of ignition during production.             
  • Emulsion is highly stable during storage and when diluted with water.

Methods of application

Emulsion  MSE-50/43 is applied by spraying together with binder and other additives. 
To precipitate the forming fibers, dusting reducing and plasticizing, it is included in the composition of the binder solution in the form of a 50% emulsion in an amount of 2-3% introduced directly into the reactor where the binder solution is prepared.

Reprocessing of fiberglass and mineral wool products after curing of the emulsion МSE 50/43 is not recommended.

The amount of applied emulsion МSE 50/43 depends on the desired properties of the end product, therefore, to determine the optimum quantity, individual tests must be carried out.

Normally, the sufficient amount of emulsion is 0.6-1.2% by weight of dry fibrous material. 

Always test the selected concentration of МSE 50/43 on the trial sample to  determine the optimal amount of material and the suitability for use in a particular case.


Store at a temperature from +5°С to +40°С. Store in original containers in cool, dry, well-ventilated place, protected from moisture and direct sunlight, away from heaters, also tanks with strong oxidizing agents.

The guaranteed shelf life in original container is 6 months.

Storage over the date specified on the label does not necessarily mean the product is unusable. In case if store more please check the properties of product before use. 


  • polymer canisters up to 25 dm3;
  • polyethylene drums up to 50 dm3;
  • combined barrels / steel-polyethylene 200 dm3;
  • barrels polyethylene up to 220 dm3;
  • special polymer containers up to 1 m3.

Safety information

Detailed instructions are given in the relevant product safety data sheet. It can be provided upon request.
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Physical and chemical properties

Parameter name and measure unitStandard
AppearanceHomogeneous liquid free of mechanical impurities, color is not standardized
Mass fraction of nonvolatile substance, %, min48
Relative viscosity at a temperature (+20±2,0)°C, s30 - 150
Stability at a dilution, hour, min24

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