Silicone emulsions

Silicone emulsions for hydrophobic treatment, dust removal, additives for paints and varnishes.

Silicone emulsions for water-repellent and dedusting treatment of building materials, fiber-glass & basalt insulation materials. Release agents (antiadhesive).

Release agent КE 10-01

Product description

Release agent КE 10-01


Silicone emulsion КE 10-01 – 70% water emulsion of polydimethylsiloxane liquid (silicone oil). Before use, diluted with water 1:10.

The release agent KE 10-01 forms on the treated surface a cross-linked polymer layer - ultrathin, durable, flexible membrane, operable due to +200°C.



The main function is the release agent (separating / anti-adhesive) agent:

  • release agent for molds and mandrels in tire manufacturing
  • anti-adhesive agent for the manufacture of rubber and plastic products
  • KE 10-01 separation emulsion is used in foundry as a release agent in the manufacture of rods based on furan resins using hot tools
  • KE 10-01 silicone emulsion is used as a release agent in the manufacture of thermoplastics
  • protective coating with KE 10-01 emulsion of tables and other surfaces in paint shops - simplifies and speeds up their cleaning, saves solvents
  • release agent for silicone, plastic molds

Application in the printing industry:

  • increases gloss
  • provides increased wettability with aqueous ink and coatings for a wide range of substrates

Lubricant and grease:

  • for processing glass packaging
  • for lubrication of conveyor belts
  • lubricant for the production of extrusion rubber products; conveyor belts

Additive for production:

  • additive as a component for the production of car polishes - to give gloss
  • additive for the production of furniture polishes to ensure gloss

Car service:

  • prevents tire "sticking" to the disk rim, thereby reducing effort during mounting and dismounting of tires
  • keeps the tire frame from harmful deformations
  • It is used as car cosmetics and as part of cosmetics for automobiles (rubber blackeners, polishes for leather, plastic, etc.)

Textile industry:

  • lubricant for sewing needles
  • lubricant in the production of fibers, threads and knitwear
  • glass-fiber lubricant

Building sector:

  • release agent (oil, emulsol) for concrete, formwork, gypsum
  • lubrication of molds for concrete products, paving slabs, formwork


  • Diluted with water in any proportions.
  • Imparts antistatic properties for surfaces (reduces static charge of surface).
  • Emulsion KE 10-01 is heat-resistant and applicable up to a temperature of +200°C.
  • It has low fluidity and chemical inertness to structural materials.
  • Contact with food is allowed.
  • Improves gloss and water resistance.
  • High wetting and smoothness.
  • The emulsion KE 10-01 is economical, convenient and safe to handle.
  • The emulsion KE 10-01 is explosion-proof, does not have a toxic effect on the human body. Does not cause negative psychological reactions. The use of the emulsion does not require special safety measures.

Application methods

The emulsion КE 10-01 (70%)  is applied on dry, clean  surface with a brush, roller or sprayer leaving no excess material and drops. 

Before application the emulsion is diluted with water to concentration 10% (in 1-10 times, with intensive mixing conditions).

For porous materials, it is better to use more concentrated solutions. During storage, an oil film may form. Mix before use.

Always test the selected concentration on the trial sample to determine the optimal amount of material and the suitability for use in a particular case.


Store in original container at temperature from +5°C to +30°C. Store in a dry, cool, well-ventilated place, away from sources of ignition and high temperatures. Protect from direct sunlight and freezing.

Store away from strong oxidizers.

The guaranteed shelf life in original container is 12 months.

Storage over the date specified on the label does not necessarily mean the product is unusable. In case if store more please check the properties of product before use.


  • Polymer canisters 20 dm3.
  • Polymer capacities up to 100 dm3.
  • Plastic drums – 200 or 275 dm3.
  • Polypropylene container - 1 m3.

Safety information

The emulsion is non-toxic, not flammable. There is no irritation to skin at short term contact usually. Remove in mechanical way with a cloth or paper. Rinse with a plenty of water or water with soap. After contact with eyes there is no need in medical care usually.

Detailed instructions are given in the relevant product safety data sheet. It can be provided upon request.
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Physical and chemical properties

Parameter name and measure unitStandard
AppearanceHomogeneous white liquid without mechanical impurities
Mass content of solid silicon, %25 - 28
pH of aqueous extract6,0 - 7,5
Surface tension mN/cm, max40
Stability at dilution, h, min.24
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