Silicone grouting materials

Silicone grouting materials

Materials for the stimulation of oil and gas extraction. Grouting (plugging) materials for repair and insulation works in oil and gas wells.


Product description



Polytamp-1 is a one-component material - a orthosilicic acid polyesters (varying polymerization degrees) mixture with special additives.

This one component silicone material is hydrolyzed in the presence of water, forming liquid water-soluble products, which are cured (gelatinized) in a predetermined time interval.

Polytamp-1 is designed for water inflow elimination and gas and oil recovery increasing during squeeze job in gas and oil wells with a temperature of formations +10°C - +180°C.

Based on the technical specifications, the material is produced with deliberately agreed characteristics (individually for each well).


Polytamp-1 limits the fluid inflow only from the water-saturated part of the seam, and preserves the permeability of oil-saturated areas.

Insulation work during the repair of wells:

  • Elimination of the bottom water inflow.
  • Elimination of the interlaying flooding.
  • Elimination of behind-the-casing overflows in producing and injection wells.
  • Disconnection of the seams during the transition to the higher or lower horizons.
  • Production columns leaks elimination (preventing crater formation and eliminating).
  • Restriction of water inflow after hydraulic fracturing in oil wells.
  • Straightening the injectivity profile in injection wells.
  • Weakly cemented rocks fastening of bottomhole.

Insulation work at the well construction stage:

  • Elimination of loose and absorption.
  • Warning shutdown of the formation water-saturated intervals before the primary or secondary productive horizon opening.
Work on increasing productivity (production stimulation) of wells:
  • Hydrocarbon flow increasing and water cut reducing in well production.
Application parametersApplication conditions
Well constructionVertical, directionally inclined, horizontal,  open borehole
The extracted productsOil, gas, gas condensate
Collector typeAny
Formation temperatureUp to +180°С
Ambient temperature during applicationFrom -50°С to +40°С
Mineralization of formation waterAny
Water cut of extracted productsUp to 100%
Stratum depthUnlimited
Type of wateringBehind-the-casing flows, bottom watering, column leakage etc.
The current state of the productive intervalThe perforation interval is not blocked by technological equipment or garbage (precipitation)


  • Selective action on flooded formation.
  • The simplicity of the process, the working solution preparation, high prefabrication degree of Polytamp materials, application of standard equipment during the squeeze job.
  • A wide range of water inflows elimination types.
  • Applicability in a wide range of seam temperatures (up to +180°C), the ability to use in regions with low ambient temperatures up to –50°C.
  • The ability to adapt the properties of Polytamp to the geological and physical conditions of a particular  deposit and for various types of squeeze job.
  • The stability of Polytamp properties and compositions based on it.
  • Possibility of application at the stage of well construction and during operation, in formations with abnormally low and high formation pressure.
  • Coiled tubing units application possibility.
  • A wide range of the polymerization time regulation depending on the geological and technical conditions.
  • Resistance to organic and inorganic acids, hydrogen sulfide, salt solutions, the possibility of acid treatments.
  • Duration of repair insulation works is min. 5 hours.
  • The possibility of chemical destruction and removal of the insulating screen after polymerization in case of emergency.
  • Strengthening the weakly cemented rocks skeleton, reducing sand removal.
  • The economic effect increasing due to oil and gas extraction increasing.

Application methods

Before use, the material is diluted with water (3-12 parts by weight of water or more per 1 part by weight of material).

The material is not corrosive, its application does not require the formation pre-treatment, it is applied using standard equipment (including coiled tubing units).

The work is carried out with and without lifting the downhole equipment in wells with any method of operation.


Polytamp is recommended to be stored in tightly closed original packaging at a temperature between -60°C and + 40°C, in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place, away from areas that pose a fire hazard. Protect from direct sunlight and moisture.

The guaranteed shelf life in original container is 12 months. The actual period of application is up to 3 years or more, which is associated with the high stability of the Polytamp.

Storage over the date specified on the label does not necessarily mean the product is unusable. In case, if store more please check the properties of product before use.


  • Steel barrels with a capacity of 100 dm3, 110 dm3, 200 dm3, 273 dm3.

Safety information

Grouting material Polytamp-1 is a flammable, explosive liquid. Observe the fire safety technique when processing.

Detailed instructions are given in the relevant product safety data sheet. It can be provided upon request.

Physical and chemical properties

Parameter name and measure unitStandard
ColorFrom light yellow to dark brown
Freezing point, °C, max.-60
Dynamical viscosity, mPa·s1 - 30
Density, g/cm30,9 - 1,1
The amount of precipitate after dilution with water in ratio 1:3,%vol, max7
The gelling ability at a temperature (+75±5)°С, material to water ratio = 1:31 - 8
The ability to form a homogeneous system with waterStable, non-delaminating fluid
Solubilityin alcohols, kerosene, acetone, oil distillate, etc.
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