Heat-resistant resins

Silicone organic heat-resistant resins

Silicone heat-resistant resin for high temperature materials and surfaces protection, dameged paintwork restoration, decorative treatment and hydrofobization.

Heat-resistant silicone resin KO-075

Product description

Heat-resistant silicone resin KO-075


Heat-resistant silicone resin KO-075 is a solution of a polyester-modified polymethylphenylsiloxane resin in toluene and xylene.



Paintwork materials manufacturing:

  • Heat-resistant enamel KO-835 production. It is prepared by mixing 94 wt. fraction of the resin KO-075 and 6 wt. fraction of aluminum powder. Enamel KO-835 is used to cover parts operating at temperatures up to +500°C.
  • When combining pentaphthalic, perchlorovinyl, nitro-enamels and other types of enamels with resin KO-075, their strength, water resistance, thermal resistance, light fastness, hydrophobicity, gloss and hardness increase.
  • Nonstick paints component.

Corrosion protection:

  • external surfaces gas flues, chlorinators;
  • surfaces of steam and gas turbines, ejectors;
  • various units of agricultural machines;
  • air drying devices;
  • chemical recovery equipment;
  • coke-chemical equipment;
  • internal surface of steam-water tanks operating at a temperature of +150°C - +160°С.
  • for the painting of car radiators;
  • for the painting of equipment and other parts that operating for a long time at a temperatures of +350°C - +400°C.

Oil fields:

  • protection of ladders, gas separators with all fittings, cyclone separators.

Light industry:

  • faux fur sizing and finishing;
  • manufacture of acid-resistant clothing;
  • impregnation of filter fabrics by heat-resistant silicone resin KO-075 increases strength, heat-resistance and wear-resistance.

Production of glass and fiberglass plastics:

  • as a release (separation) coating.


  • Combines good heat resistance and resistance to atmospheric conditions.
  • Good compatibility with organic resins and enamel components.
  • The varnish film has good oil and petrol resistance.
  • The polymerized film is non-toxic, fireproof.


Store in a sealed container at a temperatures from -30ºС up to +40°С. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place, away from areas from heaters. Protect from moisture and direct sunlight. 

The guaranteed shelf life in original container is 12 months.

Storage over the date specified on the label does not necessarily mean the product is unusable. In case if store more please check the properties of product before use.


  • Steel barrels with a capacity of up to 200 liters.

Safety information

The product is flammable; please follow fire safety instructions during work. The polymerized film is non-toxic, fireproof.

Detailed instructions are given in the relevant product safety data sheet. It can be provided upon request.
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Physical and chemical properties

Parameter name and measure unitStandard
AppearanceTransparent liquid from light yellow to dark brown color.
Mass fraction of nonvolatile substances, %34-40
Acid number, mg KOH/g of lacquer, max.6,0
Density at +20°C, g/cm30,98
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