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Water repellents «Aquaprok-1» of Epokha trademark for retail sales

Water repellents «Aquaprok-1» of Epokha trademark for retail sales  "Silkor" offers professional water repellents to every home. 
Especially for retail sales the liquid GKZH-11K is produced as water repellent "Aquaprok-1" under the trademark Epokha in three different concentrations"Aquaprok-1" Standard","Aquaprok-1 "Concentrate" (1:3) and "Aquaprok-1" Super concentrate "(1:10).

«Aquaprok-1" - one of the most reliablesimple and cost-effective ways to significantly improve the quality and durability of mineral surfaces. Theapplication of water repellent "Aquaprok -1" in the construction and repair provides the protection of mineral surfaces from aggressive environmental influence for 15 years.   

The surfaces treated with the water repellent have the water absorption rate reduced by 25 timesno repeated efflorescence; improved dirt-protection, as well as protection from microorganismsmosses and lichens. Also surfaces treated with the water repellent "Aquaprok-1", have high resistance to frost, which protects the surface from the damaging effect of ice and allows you to quickly clean the treated sidewalks of snow and frost. 

In volumetric water repellency treatment the "Aquaprok -1" retards the curing of concretereduces its delamination during transportation andinstallation, as well as reduces the time and energy costs for processing, and also vibrating the concrete mix. With  "Aquaprok -1 the concreteor solution obtains the required quality and homogeneity much faster. "Aquaprok -1is an alkaline as a cementso when it is used at the start ofmixing processthe concrete strength is increased more than 20%, the water permeability is increased (W8 and more), the frost resistance (F300 and more) etc.   

In the preparation of mortars and concrete "Aquaprok -1" is admixed along with the mixing water in an amount of 0.75-1.5by weight of thebinder - cement or lime 

The volumetric treatment of concrete and reinforced concrete with water repellency liquids "Akvaprok-1" protects against weathering throughout the whole life of the building or construction, which is more than 50 years. 

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