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Water repellents «Aquaprok-1» of Epokha trademark for retail sales

Water repellents «Aquaprok-1» of Epokha trademark for retail sales

How to choose a reliable means to protect porous surfaces from damaging effects of nature? This question arises more and more often, despite of the fact that there are a lot of products on the modern market. And, although "any means to an end", the experience shows that should only trust the decisions that have been repeatedly tested in practice. "Silkor" offers such effective water repellent emulsions and liquids. During the company's successful activity customers have been convinced many times: these products not only increase the strength and mechanical resistance, but also contribute to an overall increase in durability of concrete and reinforced concrete constructions and treated foundations.

Most of building materials has a porous structure. On the one hand, pores allow constructions to "breathe", providing a healthy indoor climate. However, alternating freezing and thawing of the water in the pores, their wetting and drying, as well as chemical exposure to aqueous solutions of salts and acids seriously reduces the strength and the lifetime of constructions.

- The use of silicone additives for surface and volumetric treatment of porous materials is one of the most reliable, simple and cost-effective ways to si

gnificantly improve the quality and durability of building constructions, - the director of  "Silkor" Ltd. Marina Sytnik said.

To improve the water resistance and thus significantly extend the life of concrete and reinforced concrete buildings, experts of "Silkor" recommend to use water repellent liquids or emulsions. Here please find the information of some of them:

The liquid 136-157 M is a low viscosity colorless or pale yellow oil, methyl hydride siloxane polymer. Due to unique chemical formulation the liquid 136-157M can be successfully applied in different industries. Especially for the treatment of concrete and reinforced concrete, asbestos-cement and gypsum board, ceramic, porcelain, glass insulators, production of release agents for glass surfaces, providing water resistance to textiles, paper and leather. 

The additional, but also important advantage of this liquid is a stable and long resistance to the effects of such weathering factors as: ultraviolet and infrared rays , alternate freezing and thawing , wetting and drying . The liquid completely blocks entering moisture into the pores of the material, at the same time retaining good air permeability, reduces the contamination of the surface and protects the material from mosses and lichens, like some antiseptic. The surface treated with the water repellent retains its insulating properties and does not change the appearance. 

The liquid 136-157 M is used in both volumetric and surface water repellency treatment. The volumetric treatment is surely more efficient, because the liquid 136-157 M is added to the mixing water, which provides water resistance effect over the whole volume of the material and over the whole lifetime of concrete and reinforced concrete, which is more than 50 years. To achieve sufficient effect of reducing water absorption of about 0.2% of the fluid from the amount of dry cement.

 In surface water repellency treatment the liquid 136 157M is applied diluted with one or more hydrocarbon solvents: white spirit, solvent, acetone, or ethylmethyl ketone in a ratio 1:10. Apply the working composition on a dry, clean surface until the termination of absorption, preventing drips. The surface water repellency treatment of concrete and reinforced concrete with the liquid 136-157M provides the protection of surface for more than 15 years. After 10-15 years it is recommended to repeat the treatment. 

The protective aqueous emulsion GKE 50-94M is in demand too. This is 50% emulsion of the liquid 136-157M. With the same properties as the liquid 136-157M, GKE 50-94M has distinctive advantages: aqueous emulsion GKE 50-94M is preferably to use in civil engineering, as due to the absence of solvents, it does not emit harmful fumes and has no adverse effects on the environment, and also fireproof.

The emulsion is easily distributed in aqueous solutions. This is very important in the volumetric water-repellency treatment of various building materials, including concrete and reinforced concrete: using less water repellent you achieve the best water resistance effect and at the same time the reduced cost of the finished product. 

Both water repellents offered by Trade house "Silkor" are non-toxic, explosion proof, noncorrosive, do not emit harmful vapors, gases and non-irritating to the skin and mucous membranes of the eyes
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