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GKZH-11К and GKZH-11Н – reliable protection for surfaces

GKZH-11К and GKZH-11Н – reliable protection for surfaces

The liquid GKZH is a water silicon organic (silicone) solution. Designed for water repellency treatment of porous materials: brick, marble, travertine, asbestos cement, tiles, gypsum products, including concrete and reinforced concrete. Applied for both volumetric and surface treatment.
"Silkor" supply two kinds of this liquid - GKZH-11К and GKZH-11N.

What makes the liquids GKZH special?

These liquids are absolutely clear, so in dry weather conditions the treated and untreated fragments do not differ from each other, but their efficiency is evident.  They allow reducing costs for repair of constructions; provide their frost resistance and mechanical strength, water resistance due to reduction of water absorption up to 25 times. In addition, GKZH-11К prevents unwanted efflorescence, common to almost all porous wall materials.

surface water repellency treatment the important advantage of  GKZH-11К and GKZH-11N is their economical efficiency due to application in water diluted form (dilution with water of more than 15 times) and the protection is effective for at least 15 years

GKZH-11 has a lot of advantages when applied in volumetric water repellency treatment. The application of GKZH-11 retards early curing of concrete, reduces its delamination during transportation and installation, as well as reduces the time and energy costs for processing, and also vibrating the concrete mix. With  GKZH-11 the concrete or solution obtains the required quality and homogeneity much faster. GKZH-11 is an alkaline as a cement, so when it is used at the start of mixing process, the concrete strength is increased more than 20%, the water permeability is increased (W8 and more), the frost resistance (F300 and more) etc.
The volumetric water repellency treatment
of the concrete and reinforced concrete with liquids GKZH-11К and GKZH-11НN protects against weathering throughout the whole life of the building or construction, which is more than 50 years.

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