Silicone liquids

Water repellents. Silicone oils PMS (organosilicon liquids).

Organosilicon water-repellent liquids to impart building materials water-repellent and moisture-proof properties.Polymethylsiloxane (PDMS) or silicone oil with a viscosity of 5 to 1000.

Liquid PDMS 5-1000

Product description



Polydimethylsilicone liquids are blend of polymers with linear and branched structure.

PDMS are clear transparent odorless liquids, that have good dielectric, damping, surface-active, water-repellent and anti-adhesive, defoaming properties, resistant to low and high temperatures, soluble in most organic solvents.

Synonyms: polymethylsiloxane, PMS, polydimethylsiloxane, PDMS, dimethicone, silicone fluid, dimethyl siloxane, dimethylpolysiloxane, silicone oil, dimethylpolysiloxane hydrolyzate

CAS. No: 63148-62-9   EC No: 613-156-5


  • Liquids PDMS 5, PDMS 10 are used as damping liquids and thermal liquids (both low- and high- temperature) for instrumentation.
  • Liquids PDMS 20, PDMS 40 are commonly used as damping , hydraulic, release (anti-adhesive) liquids for instrumentation as well as grease base.
  • Liquids PDMS 50, PDMS 100, PDMS 200 are used as damping , hydraulic, parting liquids as well as additives in polishing liquids and a variety of household chemical goods.
  • Liquids PDMS 300, PDMS 350, PDMS 400 are used as a base of petrolatum or grease paste (vaseline paste). Water-based emulsions of these fluids are used as release agents in production of general mechanical rubber goods, plastic goods, and rubbers, for the treatment of glass containers , also in production of dielectric pastes and petroleum jellies , and as damping liquid.
  • Liquids PDMS 500, PDMS 1000 are used as damping liquid, silicone lubricant.
  • Liquid PDMS 100R is used as a base constituent of low-temperature greases, refrigerant (coolant), and low-temperature liquids for a variety of instrumentation.
  • Liquid PDMS 200-A is used as foam inhibiting agent (defoamer) for petroleum oils and printing inks in printing industry as well as parting agent in tire industry.
  • Liquids PDMS 200, PDMS 300 and the emulsion on the base of PDMS 400 are allowed to use in food industry.
The effect of high temperatures on the PDMS treated surfaces of products made of glass, ceramics, and fiber materials forms a durable water-repellent protective coating.
  • Electronics: fuser oil (thermal grease).
  • Electronics and energetics: transformer oil, condencer oil, breaker insulation oil, damper oil, electrical wiring, heating medium for solar systems,
  • Chemical industry and paintwork materials:
    • adding lubricity to synthetic resins (epoxy resin and polyester resin);
    • improved molding of synthetic resins;
    • mold releasing during molding of plastic and rubber;
    • a component of products for glazing and polishing;
    • heating medium;
    • defoamer for plastics and latex manufacturing;
    • paint additive;
    • resins modification;
    • antistatic agent;
    • anticlouding agent;
  • Cosmetics: shampoo and hair rinse, antiperspirants, creams, lotions;
  • Construction and engineering:
    • water-repellency for autoclaved lightweight concrete (ALC);
    • water-repellency for siding boards, insulation materials;
    • furniture polishing;
    • damping vibrations;
  • Vehicles:
    • damper oil;
    • viscous coupling oil;
    • fan coupling oil.
  • Textile and pulp and paper industry: defoamer when dyeing and processing (black liquor, bleaching, etc.)


  • Silicone oils are superior in functionality to mineral and synthetic.
  • Unlimited range of use
  • Silicone oil is not exposed to thermal oxidation.
  • Retain the property of fluidity at extremely low temperatures (up to -50°C, and some low viscosity fluids up to -120°C).
  • No harmful effect on metals, wood, polymers.
  • Low surface tension.
  • Excellent lubrication properties.
  • Excellent dielectric properties.
  • High resistance to shear stress.
  • Shows high resistance to compression.
  • Excellent defoaming properties
  • Polydimethylsiloxane fluids are physiologically inert and no harmful effects on the environment. 

Methods of application

When used, it is allowed to mix similar viscosity liquids to obtain liquids with the required viscosity.


The guaranteed shelf life in original container is 60 months.

Storage over the date specified on the label does not necessarily mean the product is unusable. In case if store more please check the properties of product before use. 


  • Polymeric cans with a capacity of 10l, 20l.
  • Polymeric barrels with a capacity of up to 220 liters.
  • Special polymer containers (IBC) up to 1 m3.

Safety information

Polydimethylsilicone liquids are inert, explosion-proof, produces no poisonous action to skin and conjunctiva.

Detailed instructions are given in the relevant product safety data sheet. It can be provided upon request.

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Physical and chemical properties

Name of the parameter and unit of measureStandard
Kynematic viscosity, сSt, 20°C4,5 - 1050 depending upon grade of liquid
Flash point (o.c.), °С116 - 316 depending upon grade of liquid
Freezing temperature, °Сminus 100 - minus 60 depending upon grade of liquid
Boiling point 0,13-0,5 kPa residual pressure, °C:
PMS 5-10170 - 250
PMS 10-40more than 250
PMS 50-1000more than 300
Content of silicon, %35,5 - 38,5 depending upon grade of liquid
Self-ignition temperature,°С330 - 400 depending upon grade of liquid
Inflammation limits of vapor in air, °С,lower128 - 214 depending upon grade of liquid
Inflammation limits of vapor in air, °С, upper256 - 297 depending upon grade of liquid
Density, g/cm3, at 20°С0,91 - 0,98
Density, g/cm3, at minus 60°С1,03 - 1,04 by viscosities > 200 cSt
Solubility, %, in water, less than0,2
Solubility, %, in aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons100
Solubility, %, in spirit, acetonefull by PMS 5-10
Heat conductivity при 20°С, watt/m.К0,167
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