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Water repellents. Silicone oils PMS (organosilicon liquids).

Organosilicon water-repellent liquids to impart building materials water-repellent and moisture-proof properties.Polymethylsiloxane (PDMS) or silicone oil with a viscosity of 5 to 1000.

Hydrophobic agent GKZH-A

Product description

Hydrophobic agent  GKZH-A


GKZH-A is a aqueous solution of sodium aluminomethylsiliconate, water-repellent agent for surface and volumetric treatment of building materials, textiles, additive in drilling liquids and cement mortar.

Synonyms: solution of sodium aluminomethylsiliconate

CAS. No: 20313-55-7


Building materials manufacturing, construction and repair:

  • GKZH-A - additive in cement-based building materials.
  • For surface water-repellent treatment of building products and structures made of brick, gypsum, natural stone, concrete, aerated concrete, reinforced concrete, plaster and other materials.
  • Application of water-repellent agent GKZH-A provides the building materials strength increasing and imparts the resistance to corrosion.
  • GKZH-A hydrophobic agent is used as a binding component in the hydrophobization of mineral wool plates.

Paints and varnishes production:

  • Hydrophobic agent GKZH-A - an additive to impart water-resistance to silicate paints and vinyl perchlorinated paints.

Oil and gas extraction:

  • Sodium aluminomethylsiliconate - a multi-purpose reagent for chemical treatment of drilling fluids (to improve their structural and mechanical properties).
  • GKZH-A - modifier of clay drilling fluids.
  • Water repellent agent GKZH-A - additive in grouting cement mortars.

Food industry:

  • Silicone material based on sodium aluminomethylsiliconate is used as a release agent or antiadhesive agent for processing dough lines and conveyor belts to prevent the dough sticking to the fabric surface.

Light industry:

  • Silicone waterproofing agent GKZH-A is used to treat paper, leather and fabric products to impart materials water-, dust-, dirt-repellent properties, while increasing the wear resistance and strength of fabrics and materials.


  • Hydrophobic agent GKZH-A is highly soluble in water, stable in alkaline and acidic environments.
  • The hygrophobic material GKZH-A is not flammable, does not form toxic compounds.
  • The water-repellent impregnation GKZH-A has excellent penetrating ability.
  • The treatment with GKZH-A water repellent agent does not change the appearance of the surface.

Materials processing with a hydrophobic composition GKZH-11K. The procedure for the waterproofing works. 

Volumetric hydrophobization occurs as a result of the water repellent agent insertion in the composition of the mixing water into the total volume of the mixture directly in the manufacture of products from cement, concrete, gypsum, clay.

Consumption is about 0.1 - 0.7% by weight of the cementitious product (for cement - not more than 0.2%).

The effectiveness of the water repellent agent depends on the quantitative and qualitative composition of the building mixture, therefore it is always necessary to conduct preliminary tests to determine the optimal dosage of GKZH-A.

Surface hydrophobization is applicable for brick, concrete, gypsum and other building materials.

During surface treatment, the liquid is diluted with water immediately before use.

Dilution rate: add 1 liter of GKZH-A to about 10 liters of water.
The surface must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt before application.

Water-repellent treatment of constructions should be carried out in warm, dry weather at a temperature of no higher than +30°C in two staps with an interval of not more than five minutes. For applying a hydrophobic agent brush, rollers, spray guns are used. It is possible to dip an object into a container. The drips must be removed quickly. Intermediate drying is not required. Upon completion of the operation, the construction should be left to dry completely.

A full drying time at the temperature of +20°C is not more than 24 hours, at a lower temperature, drying slows down and may take longer.

At this time, moisture and rain are not allowed.
The consumption of the working solution depends on the porosity of the surface of the processed material and is 200 - 300 g/m2.

The service life of the coating is 5 to 10 years.

Textile fiber processing:

  • The aluminum content on the fabric should not exceed 2% of the total fiber mass.
  • The best dirt-repellent effect that persists after numerous washes is achieved at a concentration of GKZH-A in solution of 60 g/l.
  • When working with the solution, safety measures must be observed, as it has an alkaline reaction.


Store at temperatures from -5°C to +30°C in original containers separately from acids. Protect from direct sunlight.

Do not store in containers painted inside, as well as containers made of aluminum or other light metals.

The guaranteed shelf life is 6 months.

Storage over the date specified on the label does not necessarily mean the product is unusable. In case, if store more please check the properties of product before use.


  • polyethylene drums with a capacity of 50 dm3;
  • combined drums (steel - polyethylene) with a capacity of 200 dm3;
  • special containers (IBC) with a capacity of up to 1 m3.

Safety information

Water repellent liquids GKZH are non-toxic, fireproof, but have alkaline properties. Use rubber gloves, goggles, respirator during works. Spraying should be processing from the windward side.

Detailed instructions are given in the appropriate product safety data sheet. It can be provided upon request.

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Physical and chemical properties

Parameter name and measure unitStandard
AppearanceColorless to light brown liquid
The silicon content, %6-8
The aluminum content, %1,7-3,1
Alkalinity in terms of NaOH, %6-10
The atomic ratio of silicon to aluminum2,5 - 3,5
Water resistance, mm of water column, not less130
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